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We have 25 years experience in the Sales of Cost Recovery & Print Management Software Solutions. We assist professionals and firms to effectively and easily recover and manage disbursement costs, and to effortlessly charge for their time down to the minute. Guaranteed to increase the companies bottom line.

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Cost Recovery Specialist

Alta lourens


Cell : 082 909 2547


01. Chrometa

To effectively manage your time spend in applications, but most importantly to effectively bill for your time 

Our Clients:


IT Support Staff



.. for anybody that would need to track their time effectively.

02. Papercut

We assist companies to reduce the cost associated with printing. Assisting them to drive print costs down. 


For any profesional attending meetings have to do minutes of meetings or just take general notes. This product costs much less than any dictaphone or recording device.

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Alta Lourens

Print Management & Cost Recovery Specialist


Cell: 082 909 2547